40 lb Seeder/Feeder Riding Lawnmower Kit


40 lb Seeder/Feeder Riding Lawnmower Kit

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Our patented Spinner Mechanism not only rotates, BUT elevates up and down! When motor is shut off, the spinner plate automatically is pushed up tight AND sealed against the hopper, preventing any leakage while your vehicle is moving. The SPINTECH technology is windproof and also prevents varmints like racoons & squirrels from opening the plaste and eating feed.

40lb capacity broadcast spreader designed to mount Riding Lawnmower Units. Great for spreading, seed for food plots and feed for wildlife. Never leaks due to Spintech Patented spinner system.

• Holds approximately 40 lbs. of seed
• Long life/rust proof
• Polypropylene hopper & lid
• Has adjustable seed/feed flow system to spread small or large seed/granules
• Stainless steel spinner plate to prevent rust and corrosion
• 10 ft. cord equipped with toggle switch for on/off control and an auxiliary plugin adapter
• Spin Tech Patented on Demand open/close shut off mechanism “Prevents leakage when motor is off”
• Spreads up to an approximate 20 ft. pattern (180 degree radius)

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