Ideal Northern Edge Monster Mineral


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Why have a mineral site? A mineral site will improve your herd health and aid your herd in reaching genetic potential in the wild.

Where is the best place to create a mineral site?  Deer feel secure in dense thick cover.  The best place for a mineral site is 3-6 feet off a well used trail or feeding area!

How do I create a mineral site? Take a shovel and break up the soil in a 1-2 foot circle, 3-6 inches of depth.  Mix Ideal Northern Edge Monster Mineral into the broken up soil and your lick is complete!

How many mineral sites are needed for an adequate supply for a herd? The number of mineral sites needed is based on acreage. 2 licks per 60 acres of land is general adequate, depending on herd size on the habitat. Once you have observed he usage of the licks, you can better determine the number of sites needed.


Apply every 3 months for best results!!